Minoa is an electronic journal that aims to create an interest among the scientific community for the Minoan language and culture, and serve as a platform for scientific communications.


The contents of the journal are open to anyone for scientific study, education and personal use, with the exclusion of commercial applications.


The journal accepts any contribution on the subject with the following restrictions:


*    The paper should follow the usual standards for scientific publications

*    It should have a regular format (.doc, .tex) and its size should be less than 3000 words and 1 Mb

*    At least one of the authors should have a record of five or more publications in refereed international scientific journals


The last requirement is to ensure the quality of the contributions without the need for a time-consuming reviewing process.


By submitting a paper to Minoa, authors implicitly agree with the mission of the journal and declare that their contribution does not serve any political, religious or criminal purpose or intent.


Papers can be submitted to p.c.rem@tudelft.nl . Please include references to the requested number of publications in the e-mail.